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Just a little question? [08 Jan 2012|09:48pm]


Hello there, ladies! I'm not a mother, but rather, I'm a big sister - a big sister to a little brother with a sixteen-year age difference between us. But since I was the one who has, ahh, this way of asking for advice, I decided to drop by this comm.

See, this March, I will be traveling with my family, and my baby brother will be one of my traveling companions. <3 He'll be ten months old by then, but he'll still be bringing a whole lot of stuff - powdered milk, Cerelac (powdered baby food), and water.

Now, I know that infant formula and baby food are exempt from the (apparently, international?) rules that require zip-top bags and 3oz containers, but water is a wholly different matter altogether. The website I saw said that it would be best to buy water after we pass the security check, which would be a problem for us, because my brother's pediatrician told us that while he's in the infancy stage, we should only use this one kind of water - Dr. Edwards - and it comes in 750 mL bottles. As far as I know, it's also only sold in some Philippine drug stores.

My mother is planning to bring one of said bottles in her hand luggage and some more in her check-in luggage. Could anyone tell me if this a sound idea, and if not, if there is some other way to go on with this situation? We'll be departing from Terminal 3 of NAIA in the Philippines and landing at Singapore's Changi Airport's Budget Terminal.

(PS: We'll also be bringing Cerelac in sachets and milk in containers since the cans won't fit in the check-in luggage. Would that be okay?)

Thank you in advance! \o/

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Diaper Rash Question [16 Feb 2007|02:34am]

[ mood | sympathetic ]

Hello, I just joined this community so I'll start with an introduction. I'm Crissy, I'm 26 years old and the mother of a beautiful 22 month old little boy named Jakob.

Now on to my question. My son has had problems with diaper rashes since he was born. I know diaper rashes are common in babies but the problem is how frequent he gets them. He gets them at least once a month if not more. I asked his doctor about it and he suspects it to be yeast causing the problem but hasn't tested him for it (which I found to be strange that he didn't test for it). Anyway, his rashes start with a few red bumps and progress into large open blisters on his bottom. I change him every time he gets wet or soiled (he lets me know when he needs a diaper change, he's almost to the potty stage!) Anyway, my question is, how exactly can you distinguish between a normal diaper rash and a yeast infection? His rashes usually go away within a few days but they are so painful for him when he has them I want to do all I can to prevent this from being an ongoing problem if it's possible. He has a rash right now that started with a patch of red bumps on his inner butt cheeks on both sides, now he has open, oozing blisters on each side almost in the folds of his legs. I've been letting him sit in warm water for a little while every time he has a diaper change because it seems to soothe him some and I always make sure his bottom is completely dry before putting a new diaper on him by letting him run around for a little bit without a diaper. I've tried using Johnson's Diaper Ointment, Desitin, A+D Ointment, and a few others and nothing seems to help it. The ONLY thing I have found that helps is plain vaseline, I coat him with that and it helps keep urine & stool away from the open blisters so that he doesn't burn as bad and I clean his bottom with regular water and a soft cloth rather than baby wipes to prevent it from burning him any more than it has too. I just want to know what other mommies do when their child gets rashes that helps and to know how to distinguish between a yeast infection and normal diaper rash. He has an appointment in a few days for another shot and I am going to mention it to them then but any advice offered by experienced mommies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Quick question... [05 Aug 2006|05:17am]

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Does anyone here have PCOD? If so, how long were you TTC? Any natural remedies that help? My midwife is thinking I may have it (my previous doctor thought I did) and it scares me. My sister-in-law had it and they TTC for 3 years before having in-vitro. My husband are starting to try now and I (I'm sure like all women) want to have a baby soon, and am super worried that we won't be able to. My periods (I have been off of BC for 6 months, and will never go back on) have been kinda weird. The first was 2 weeks off, the second 4 days off, the third was a week off, the fourth is a week and 1 day off etc. Any suggestions or help? I've been taking Vitex but kind of sporadically. After my period I hope to take it more regularly...if I ever get my period. TIA!

**X-posted like crazy**

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Ty's pictures [23 May 2005|02:51pm]

These are the pictures of my 8 month old son. Liam is 2 years old and he's my best friends son. I recommend Tylerplay6, LiamTyler2, Tyler74, Tyler85, Tyler90(babyface).


he's just learning how to crawl. he goes 3-4 crawls and falls..
any suggestions on how to make him GOOO?
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hi [14 Mar 2005|05:57pm]
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New community [26 Aug 2004|01:19am]

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now start posting!

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