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Patricia Selina

Just a little question?

Hello there, ladies! I'm not a mother, but rather, I'm a big sister - a big sister to a little brother with a sixteen-year age difference between us. But since I was the one who has, ahh, this way of asking for advice, I decided to drop by this comm.

See, this March, I will be traveling with my family, and my baby brother will be one of my traveling companions. <3 He'll be ten months old by then, but he'll still be bringing a whole lot of stuff - powdered milk, Cerelac (powdered baby food), and water.

Now, I know that infant formula and baby food are exempt from the (apparently, international?) rules that require zip-top bags and 3oz containers, but water is a wholly different matter altogether. The website I saw said that it would be best to buy water after we pass the security check, which would be a problem for us, because my brother's pediatrician told us that while he's in the infancy stage, we should only use this one kind of water - Dr. Edwards - and it comes in 750 mL bottles. As far as I know, it's also only sold in some Philippine drug stores.

My mother is planning to bring one of said bottles in her hand luggage and some more in her check-in luggage. Could anyone tell me if this a sound idea, and if not, if there is some other way to go on with this situation? We'll be departing from Terminal 3 of NAIA in the Philippines and landing at Singapore's Changi Airport's Budget Terminal.

(PS: We'll also be bringing Cerelac in sachets and milk in containers since the cans won't fit in the check-in luggage. Would that be okay?)

Thank you in advance! \o/

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